My favourite projects throughout my IED studies have been the ‘MAKE’ project. This is because I really feel that I’m challenging myself to learn new skills in these projects, not just updating old ones. I love designing, but I find more joy and satisfaction in the challenge of being physically capable of turning a drawing into a reality, by making the artifact.

At the present time, I’m considering for my final year project some sort of Sustainable Architectural Project which is taken through to the Construction and Design Details and might also include my making an item of Furniture/Lighting specifically for that building.


According to the ‘Health and Safety Executive’, Back Pain will affect 80% of us at some point in our lives, and 1 in 6 working days lost due to ill health in the UK are attributed to Back Pain. In 2006, the charity ‘BackCare’ estimates that back pain costs the NHS, Business and the Economy over £5 billion a year, just in the UK.

I have personally suffered from back pain for a number of years, a condition that is aggravated by sitting for even short periods. I find that the only chair I have found that allows me to sit pain free is a ‘kneeling’ or ‘kneel-sit’ chair. These chairs tip the pelvis at an angle that automatically makes you sit with your spine properly aligned. The number of designs available commercially is limited, and all are office/desk chairs.


I propose to design a ‘kneeling chair’ that has more of the feeling of an easy chair where you could sit comfortable in your leisure time, relax, watch TV, or socialise.

Through a process of sketching, model making and prototyping, my intention is to design and make such a kneeling chair. This will require that I further my wood-workshop and construction skills and perhaps develop upholstery skills as well in the final piece.

As well as documenting the process above, the final submission will also include a rendered 3D CAD model.


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