I’ve spent the past few evenings trying to find a suitable material in which to upholster this chair and failing miserable to source what I envisioned.

Wanting a deep pile that I could sink my fingers into I had initially thought to perhaps create the material myself either using a rag rug technique or latch hooking with thick rug wool. This is not only very time consuming but will also work out fairly expensive. As these two resources are quite limited at the moment I need to find a practical alternative.

Rug wool (cut to 15mm) and Fancy Yarn latch hooked onto rug canvas.

Rag rug sample created using old t-shirt fabrics. 

Going with the grass theme I remember the fancy shiny rugs I’ve seen in the shops the past couple of years, made from mixed tubular polyamide yarns. They are just what I want in terms of soft springy but hardwearing texture but the backing is far to stiff to be able to upholster with.

Second idea was the twisted or looped cotton chenille fabric used for bathmats, as this is thin enough to take round a curved form. Being cotton it would also dye reasonably well. Unfortunately most of these mats are a fraction too small for my needs – although this might be my compromise.

Microfibre Chenille – my favourite colour, but a slightly more dense surface would be preferred!

My favoured material choice is the microfibre chenille fabric that you find used in car cleaning mitts or fancy mop heads, and occasionally bath mats – but having spent half the day on the internet can I find a supplier who sells it by the metre – no! If you know someone who sells it PLEASE let me know.


About francesewright

I am a student of Interior and Environmental Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design / Dundee University, Dundee.
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