It is obvious that back pain takes numerous forms and what positions are found to alleviate the pain varies widely between individuals. For example I find moving helps, whilst others find lying flat or lounging helps them – something that causes me even more pain.

The most helpful responses were in the section asking about what practically and aesthetically they thought an ‘Easy Kneeling Chair’ for the living room should be like. The responses showed a high degree of coherency.

  • Comfort was obviously paramount.
  • All the interviewees said padding and upholstery were a must, although this was to be balanced with necessary support.
  • It was also widely stated that comfort and luxury could be conveyed by the materials through a sense of colour, warmth and soft tactile pleasure.
  • Creamy Neutral, Pastel or bold Warm Colours would be preferred. Structurally the warmth of natural wood was also mentioned. Black was definitely out, because it had negative connotations.
  • Warmth and Softness to touch were preferred. Perhaps upholstery of brushed suede fabric, velvet or sheepskin?
  • Lightness of structure so the chair would be reasonably easy to move with a bad back, needed to be balanced with it being solid enough to convey safety and security.
  • Preference for something modern, contemporary and sculpted in form or something that looked different.

About francesewright

I am a student of Interior and Environmental Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design / Dundee University, Dundee.
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